Wednesday, January 7, 2009

coming soon....

Hi everyone! As you can probably tell from my lack of entries, the holidays really got in my way of posting here. I have a backlog of recipes to share with you, so hopefully I can get those up soon. The only problem is we are dog sitting for my in-laws this week (and staying at their home) so my camera and everything else is at home! So, for now, I will give you a little preview of what's coming soon....

  • Newer, Healthier Recipes. This is something that I'm going to try to make a priority this year. My husband and I really need to get better about eating healthier and exercising, which is really hard for me given that 1) I LOVE to cook and it will be a challenge trying to make my favorite dishes delicious and healthy; and 2) we are so busy, which makes a healthy lifestyle that much harder. But I hope we can do it! Of course, I will still be baking and making desserts and everything; they just may get sent promptly off to my work instead of sitting around our house. I need to lose a few pounds after the holidays!
  • Daring Bakers Challenge. Last month, I told you about the Daring Bakers. I had really, really looked forward to my first challenge, but due to the busyness of that month, I was unable to complete it. However, this month, I fully intend on doing so and I am completely excited about it! Look for that post near the end of the month.
I hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday and have a blessed and happy 2009!