about sarah

Tallulah and I

I am just a self-taught cook and baker who loves being in the kitchen. I truly believe that anyone can learn to cook if you're willing. I love food. Making it, sharing it, talking about it. I love the way it brings people together and is an art and a ministry. One of the ways I show my love to others is through food. A cupcake or warm bowl of soup can truly change someone's day. I am from the South and live with my wonderful husband and the newest addition to our family - our little basset hound puppy, Tallulah. We lead a busy, but very happy, life. Most of all, I want to be a woman whose life is devoted to the glory of God.

about biscuits and honey

b&h is just my little space on the web to share recipes I love. "Biscuits" references my Southern heritage (and love for Southern food!) and "Honey" is meant to symbolize my love of the simpler, sweeter things in life. I intend for it mostly to be a place where you can find tried-and-true recipes that are easy yet have a "gourmet" twist. I don't post often enough, and will often make promises I can't keep (like saying I'll post more or the David Lebovitz challenge). To be honest with you, I don't have the time to dedicate to this blog that I really want to give it, but I've decided to keep it. If someone reads it and it makes them happy or they find a recipe they like, then that's wonderful! If no one reads it, that's okay, too. I am not out to become famous. :) You won't find beautiful, artistic photos here.... unfortunately, I don't have an extremely nice camera, and well, other things in life that need to be purchased take priority over that now. I do the best I can! I hope to see that part of my blog improve in the future. To any of you who do read and enjoy it, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and am so glad you've joined me in the kitchen and in life! If you do read, please leave me a comment. I enjoy hearing from you!